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We're Fresco Meal Prep Boston

Fresco is about helping families, professionals, new moms, picky eaters, and anyone else have healthy food at their table, using what is already in the pantry or fridge to reduce costs.

I’m Cinthya, the founder of Fresco. I am truly passionate about food and cooking. I was born in Costa Rica, where I grew up learning family cooking traditions. I have now been living and working with families in Boston for 17 years. My work helped me realize how helpful it can be for busy families to have assistance preparing healthy meals. My goal is to create meals you can enjoy with your loved ones, and to reduce the work you have to do, so you can spend more time with the things and people you love!

My services include grocery shopping, creating and planning weekly menus and preparing high-quality, nutritious meals based on your and your family’s personal tastes. I can accommodate any allergies or dietary preferences, including dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, etc. I can help reduce the cost of your groceries by using what you have in your pantry. I can make things you know you like, or I can make menu suggestions. I am here to help, so I provide a flexible and personalized service to truly fit your unique needs.

Fresco is an independent personal meal prep service in Bostom MA. I cook in large batches (family style) or composed style (individual portions) for my clients. And while cooking is my passion, I also help families with laundry folding and organization of key areas in their homes. This includes kitchen pantries, refrigerators, laundry rooms, closets, or even basements.

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